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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Biological Sciences

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Location: Herrmann Science Center 204D
Telephone: 859-572-5110
Fax: 859-572-5639
Email Address:
Web Address:
Department Chair: Kristi L. Haik
Other Key Personnel:

Assistant Chair: Bethany Bowling
Academic Advisor: Lynn Crane
Department Coordinator: Kristin Rebold
Secretary: Victoria Hugo

Full-Time Faculty: Charles A. Acosta, Bethany V. Bowling, Richard L. Boyce, John C. Carmen, Christine Curran, Gregory Dahlem, Debby S. Dempsey, Richard D. Durtsche, Kristi L. Haik, Jon M. Hastings, Kristine N. Hopfensperger, Miriam Steinitz Kannan, Robert Kues, Joseph Mester, Debra Pearce, Denice N. Robertson, Patrick J. Schultheis, Kirsten Schwarz, Michael P. Scola, Emily Shifely, Erin Strome, David Thompson, Lindsey Walters, Mary K. Whitson

Thinking about the discipline: A major in the biological sciences can lead to a variety of careers including laboratory and field research, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, teaching, forensics, and many others.

Special opportunities for our students: The best way for students to learn about science is by doing science. Therefore, the department strongly encourages all students majoring in biology to participate in research with a faculty member. Students can begin learning about research in “BIO 292 Introduction to Research in Biology (0 credits) ” and continue working with a faculty member in “BIO 399 Techniques of the Biological Sciences (1-2 credits) .” In BIO 399  students will learn techniques they can use in “BIO 492 Directed Research: Biological Sciences (1-3 credits) .” Students present their data at local, state, and national professional meetings.

Biology courses are offered in a variety of countries each year, presenting students with the opportunity for international experiences. In addition, the department has four very active clubs: Tri-Beta National Honor Society, Health Professions Club, Environmentally Concerned Organization of Students, and Biology Integration and Outreach for Teaching Advancement.

Special admission requirements: The admission standards for all students pursuing degrees in biology (all tracks) and those interested in pre-professional areas offered by the department are: mathematics ACT ≥ 22 and CPE minimum standards of 18 English and 20 reading, or successful completion of appropriate developmental courses. Transfer students must also meet these requirements before declaring a biology major.

Special graduation requirements: Prior to graduation, all students majoring in biology are required to pass a comprehensive exam. This examination is designed to verify that the graduating student has at least a basic knowledge of the broad area of the biological sciences. Students will complete this requirement by registering for “BIO 491 Comprehensive Examination (0 credits) ” during the senior year. Those who fail the exam will not be allowed to graduate until the exam is passed.


Interdisciplinary Major:

Pre-Professional programs:

NOTE: The following are not majors; they are areas of emphasis for advising purposes. Other pre-professional programs can be found in the section of the catalog dealing with pre-professional programs. The pre-professional programs that fit well with biology are:

*Information about these programs can be found below.

Interdisciplinary Minors:



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