Mar 22, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Integrative Studies

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Location: Founders Hall 365E (Program Director), UC 210 (Advising)
Telephone: 859-572-1450 (Program Director), 859-572-5494 (Advising)
Fax: 859-572-6185
Email Address:
Web Address:
Program Director: Rudy Garns
Other Key Personnel:
Academic Advisor: Amanda Laskowski
Full-Time Faculty: Rhonda Davis

Thinking about the discipline: Integrative or interdisciplinary study is required when one moves beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries and attempts to use knowledge from different specialties to answer a big question or tackle a complex problem. In interdisciplinary work individuals or teams address problems or topics that sit between or overlap several disciplinary perspectives. 

Special opportunities for our students: Integrative Studies at NKU offers an Associate of Arts Degree in Integrative Studies (AAIS) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Integrative Studies (BAIS). 

The Associate of Arts in Integrative Studies (AAIS) is a flexible, two-year degree ideal for students who are looking for academic accreditation either to advance their employment opportunities or as a stepping-stone toward a four-year degree. This is a 60 credit hour degree program that allows a student to focus on classes from a meta-major, like the humanities, the arts, natural sciences and mathematics, and social and behavioral science.

The Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies (BAIS) is a flexible degree that offers students a major in which they can find coherence, meaning, and value in a novel program of study. Working with an advisor students design a plan of study that addresses a complex, real-world problem that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplinary programs of study. This is a 120 hour degree program that requires students to design a personalized plan of study with advanced courses from at least three different disciplinary or professional programs. 

The associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs for integrative studies are both available on campus and online.

Our graduates will have the ability to

  • work collaboratively and productively with others who have different perspectives or worldviews;
  • think critically, creatively and boldly; and
  • recognize the relevance of disciplinary knowledge to complex real-world issues.

Our graduates leave with a variety of skills that make them attractive employees for a large number of career possibilities. Integrative Studies students develop impressive resumes that show both bread and depth in their knowledge. 



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