Nov 28, 2023  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History, B.A.

Available in both traditional and fully-online formats.

To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in History, a student must earn 48 credit hours in the major (with a C or above in each course) consisting of 27 core requirement hours and 21 upper division (300-level or above) hours. All students majoring in history are required to participate in outcomes assessment as stipulated in instructions provided to graduating seniors each semester.

Four-Year Plan: Click here  to view the Four-Year Plan for this specific program. To find out more about Four-Year Plans, visit the Policies and Procedures  page.

♦  Indicates prerequisite.

Degree Requirements (48 credits)

Electives 300 level or above (21 credits)

  • Select one 300/400/500-level United States history course* (3 credits)
  • Select one 300/400/500-level European history course* (3 credits)
  • Select one 300/400/500-level Non-western history course* (3 credits)
  • Select one Race/gender history course* (3 credits)
  • Select two 300/400/500-level HIS courses * (6 credits)
  • Select one 300/400500-level GEO course* (3 credits)


HIS 194H Honors History Seminar (3 credits)  and one additional course at the 300 level or above may be substituted for one six-hour survey sequence to fulfill the 42-hour minimum.

*Check the history and geography department’s website for a detailed list of courses fulfilling this category.