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  Dec 14, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

University Honors Scholar Distinction

Location: Honors House
Telephone: 859-572-5400
Fax: 859-572-6091
Web Address:
Email Address
Interim Director: Belle Zembrodt
Other Key Personnel:

Coordinator of Advising: David Kime
Coordinator of Admissions and Events:  Brittany Smith

Full-Time Faculty: April Callis, Ali Godel, Kristin Hornsby, Rachel Zlatkin

Program Description:  To complete the Honors program (minor), students must complete 21 credit hours of honors coursework: HNR 101, four honors seminars, and two HNR 400-level capstone project courses.  All first-year honors students must take HNR 101 Introduction to Honors Learning (3 credits) . Although topics vary, this course develops skills essential to student participation in seminars and success in college. Students are introduced to the four domains of honors learning: cross-disciplinary reasoning, exchange of ideas, transdisciplinary application, and project creation and management.

Students then complete four honors seminars. (Up to two honors general education courses can count for two of these seminars.)  The 300-level seminars are interdisciplinary in content and develop the skills necessary to synthesize information, propose a question, and develop the appropriate methodology to complete a meaningful project.

Categories of topics include*:

*Students may take only two courses with the same number.

Ultimately, the students work one-on-one with a professor to complete a capstone project in two HNR 400-level courses. This project reflects the culmination of the undergraduate academic experience. Students select a topic of their interest, develop the literature review, propose the methodology, and manage the timeline to present their findings at the Conference of Honors.

Admission Requirements: See here Academic Program Opportunities - Honors Program