Oct 19, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Human Services and Addictions Minor

The minor in human services and addictions is appropriate for students majoring in the behavioral, social, or health services or students interested in providing and arranging services for people to improve their quality of life. The minor requires successful completion of “ HSR 100 Orientation to Human Service Professions (3 credits) ” and 18 additional credit hours of HSR courses including 6 credit hours in courses numbered 300 and above. Field experience classes may not be taken for the minor. All credit hours toward the minor must be earned with a C or better.

Those who desire a minor in Human Services and Addictions with a focus on addictions may choose their course to meet the academic requirements for the licensure in the state of Ohio and certification in the State of Kentucky. Students who choose this direction for their minor may consider taking HSR 100 , HSR 300 , HSR 340 , HSR 412 , HSR 416 , HSR 530 , and HSR 550 . It is recommended that a student who desires certification and/or licensure review the state educational recommendations for the appropriate category of specialization, such as counselor, prevention, dual diagnosis, etc. Each specialization has its own requirements. The Human Services and Addictions program is designed to meet those requirements and your advisor will be able to assist you in choosing the correct courses for your desired specialization.